10 Car Brands That Might Just Speed Past the Speed Limit in [2024] 🚗💨

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Ever wondered which car brands are most likely to get you a speeding ticket? Or maybe, which ones have a magnetic attraction to those flashing blue lights? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a high-speed journey through the list of car brands that have their drivers seeing more of the police than they probably want to in 2024.

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  3. The Need for Speed: A Brief History
  4. Top 10 Speedsters: Car Brands with the Most Speeding Tickets
  5. Why These Brands?
  6. Law Enforcement’s High-Tech Helpers
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Quick Answer

Bold statement alert: If you’re driving a Subaru WRX, Kia Stinger, or a Mazda 3, chances are you’ve had a chat with the boys in blue about your car’s impressive acceleration. These brands, along with Scion FR-S and Volkswagen GTI, top our list of car brands with the most speeding tickets. But why stop there? We’ve got a few more names that might surprise you. Keep reading to find out who else made the list!

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Quick Tips and Facts

  • Did you know? An estimated 50,000 drivers are pulled over daily in the U.S. alone!
  • Speeding contributes to 29% of all traffic fatalities. Yikes!
  • Affordability meets speed: The top 5 cars are not just fast; they’re also more wallet-friendly than you’d think.

The Need for Speed: A Brief History

Let’s hit the rewind button and see where this all began. The love affair between car brands and speed is as old as the automobile itself. From the Ford Model T to the latest Tesla, speed has always been a key selling point. But with great speed comes great… tickets.

Top 10 Speedsters: Car Brands with the Most Speeding Tickets

  1. Subaru WRX – The undisputed champion of speeding tickets.
  2. Kia Stinger – A close second, proving that Kias aren’t just about reliability.
  3. Mazda 3 – Zoom-Zoom? More like Vroom-Vroom straight to a ticket.
  4. Scion FR-S – This one’s a heartbreaker for the speed demons.
  5. Volkswagen GTI – German engineering meets speeding fines.
  6. Dodge Challenger – American muscle that’s hard to tame.
  7. Chevrolet Camaro – Another muscle car that loves to flex its speed.
  8. Ford Mustang – Because what’s a list without this classic speedster?
  9. Audi S4 – Luxury meets speed, meets… tickets.
  10. BMW M3 – Last but not least, the ultimate driving machine… to the nearest police checkpoint.

Why These Brands?

What makes these brands ticket magnets? It’s a mix of performance, affordability, and yes, a bit of driver ego. These cars are built for speed, and they attract drivers who love to push the limits. Plus, their more accessible price points mean there are more of them on the roads.

Law Enforcement’s High-Tech Helpers

Today, law enforcement isn’t just relying on the good old radar gun. They’ve got gadgets like Kustom Signals’ Falcon HR K-Band Handheld RADAR and Directional Talon Handheld RADAR, equipped with DSP technology to catch the fastest of speedsters.


What car model has the most speeding tickets?

The Subaru WRX takes the crown, with drivers receiving 49% more speeding tickets than the average.

What brand of car gets the most tickets?

Subaru, thanks to the WRX’s need for speed, often finds itself at the top of this list.

What car brand gets pulled over the most?

Again, Subaru leads the pack, with the WRX model being a particular favorite among speed enthusiasts (and police).

Who has the highest speeding ticket?

While we can’t pinpoint the single highest ticket ever issued, let’s just say some supercar owners have had to part with more cash than they’d like for their need for speed.


So, there you have it! Whether you’re a speed demon or just curious, knowing which car brands rack up the most speeding tickets can be both enlightening and a bit amusing. Remember, speed is thrilling, but safety is paramount. Drive responsibly, or you might just find your car brand on this list next year!

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