The Most Ticketed Car in Pennsylvania [2023]

most ticketed car in pennsylvania

Are you curious to know which cars get the most tickets in Pennsylvania? Well, we have done the research and uncovered some interesting findings. In this article, we will reveal the most ticketed cars in Pennsylvania and explain why they are such a hotspot for traffic violations.

Reasons Why Some Cars Get More Tickets Than Others

Before we reveal the most ticketed cars in Pennsylvania, let's explore some of the reasons why certain cars may be more prone to getting tickets than others. Here are some key factors that can contribute to a car getting pulled over:

  • Speed: Cars that are known for speed and acceleration are more likely to get pulled over for exceeding the speed limit.

Tip: If you tend to drive fast, consider investing in a radar detector to alert you when a speed trap is near.

  • Styling: Some car models look more sporty or aggressive, which can attract unwanted attention from law enforcement.

  • Color: Believe it or not, the color of a car can also play a role in how often it gets ticketed. Cars in bright colors like red or yellow tend to stand out more on the road and are more likely to catch the attention of police officers.

  • Loud Exhaust: If your car has a loud exhaust, it can attract attention from police officers, who may pull you over for noise violations.

  • Location: Certain areas within Pennsylvania may have higher levels of law enforcement presence, which can increase the likelihood of getting pulled over.

Now, let's get into the most ticketed cars in Pennsylvania.

The Top 5 Most Ticketed Cars in Pennsylvania

Based on our research, these are the top 5 most ticketed cars in Pennsylvania:

  1. Subaru WRX – This popular sports car is known for its turbocharged performance and all-wheel drive capabilities, making it a favorite among car enthusiasts. However, it is also the most ticketed car in Pennsylvania.

  2. Volkswagen GTI – Another popular sports car, the Volkswagen GTI is known for its nimble handling and fun-to-drive nature. However, it also attracts a lot of unwanted attention from law enforcement.

  3. Ford Mustang – A classic American sports car, the Ford Mustang is a symbol of speed and power. Unfortunately, it is also a favorite target for police officers looking to pull over speeders.

  4. Dodge Charger – The Dodge Charger is a muscle car with an aggressive look and powerful engine. Its high performance capabilities make it a popular target for tickets.

  5. Chevrolet Corvette – This iconic sports car is beloved for its sleek styling and impressive performance. However, it is also one of the most ticketed cars on Pennsylvania roads.

Why Are These Cars So Prone to Getting Tickets?

So why are these cars more prone to getting tickets than other cars on the road? There are a few factors that contribute to this trend:

  • Speed: Each of these cars is known for their speed and acceleration capabilities. They are designed to perform well on the track and on the road, which can make them hard to resist for drivers who love to push the limits.

  • Styling: Each of these cars looks sporty and aggressive, which can attract unwanted attention from law enforcement.

  • Popularity: Each of these cars is very popular among car enthusiasts, so there are more of them on the road, which means they are more likely to get noticed by police officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cars get pulled over the least?

According to a recent survey, some of the cars that are less likely to get pulled over include:

  • Honda Odyssey
  • Chevrolet Express
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • GMC Savana

What is the most ticketed state?

According to a report from the National Motorists Association, the most ticketed state in the US is Wyoming.

Is the WRX the most pulled over car?

Yes, based on our research, the Subaru WRX is the most ticketed car in Pennsylvania.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Radar detectors are legal in Pennsylvania, but they cannot be used to avoid a sobriety checkpoint.
  • Pennsylvania uses a point system for traffic violations, with more serious violations resulting in higher point penalties.
  • In Pennsylvania, if you accumulate 6 points within 2 years, you will be required to take a written examination and possibly a driving test as well.


So, there you have it – the most ticketed cars in Pennsylvania. While it's important to follow the rules of the road, we understand the thrill of driving a fast and sporty car. Just be aware that certain cars are more prone to getting pulled over than others. If you do decide to drive a car that attracts a lot of attention from law enforcement, make sure to drive responsibly and safely.

If you're looking for a car that's less likely to get tickets, consider one of the models we mentioned earlier. And remember, always buckle up and drive safely!


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